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    Providing and supporting a digital age learning environment is critical for today's students.  FUSD's Technology Department services focus on technology leadership through peer coaching, training opportunities, and instructional resources, as well as technical and instructional support services for staff and students.  In addition, FUSD's student information system, Synergy, falls within the responsibilities of the Technology Department and is the tool with which student membership, attendance, and grades are managed among other items. 

    Technology Department Core Values

    Technology department staff will provide technology resources, devices, training and support to staff so students are actively engaged in a positive, safe and successful learning environment and successfully conduct district operations.  Technology staff will:

    • Demonstrate personal responsibility, integrity, and knowledge in all interactions.
    • Offer professional and prompt service, be prepared to resolve the specific issue and follow through with communication on the status.
    • Be understanding and respectful of the FUSD technology needs.
    • Ask detailed questions and provide transparent information, leading to solutions.  


  • Technology Help Desk 


    OR Call the FUSD Tech Services Help Desk @ x6300 or 527-6300

    Technology Contacts

    Name: Mary Knight
    Title: Director
    Email: mknight@fusd1.org 
    Phone: 928-527-6120

    Name: Rick Smith
    Title: Asst. Director
    Email: rsmith1@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6301

    Name: Ruth Thomas
    Title: Administrative Assistant
    Email: rthomas@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6150
    Fax: 928-527-6125

    Name: Heather Zeigler
    Title: Digital Literacy Specialist
    Email: hzeigler@fusd1.org 
    Phone: 928-527-6129

    Name: Renda Fisk
    Title: Tech. Integration Coordinator
    Email Address: rfisk@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6126

    Name: Lynette Hammitt 
    Title: Student Info. System Admin.
    Email: lhammit@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6151
    Name: Lional Dodge
    Title: Systems Administrator
    Email: ldodge@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6013

    Name: Randy Whitehair
    Title: Team Lead, Field Services
    Email: rwhitehair@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6303

    Name: Gary Youngman
    Title: Networking, Phones
    Email: gyoungman@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6302

    Name: Amy Sipes
    Title: System Admin, App/Password Support
    Email: asipes@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6304
    Title: System Administrator
    Email: ttodachine@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6305
    Name: Anthony Horn
    Title: Field Services
    Email: ahorn@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6310

    Name: Phaedra Namingha
    Title: Field Services 
    Email: pnamigha@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6306
    Name: Spencer Weston
    Title: Field Services
    Email: sweston@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6309
    Name: Joe Nieto
    Title: Field Services
    Email: jnieto@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6307
    Name: Mel Selestewa
    Title: Field Services
    Email: mselestewa@fusd1.org
    Phone: 928-527-6308