Apps for Students & How to Request a New Resource

  • Apps for Students & How to Request a New App

    The video tutorial below shows how to access the TrustEd Apps Dashboard and how to submit an app/digital resource request through FMX (also outlined in the directions below): 


    To see if an app is available for students to download and use, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Canvas LMS.

    2. On the main left menu, select the Help Menu.

    3. Select “TrustEd Apps.”

    4. Review or use the search feature to locate the app you are interested in (NOTE: the TrustEd Apps Dashboard is used to communicate ratings for students. An app may be listed as “Denied” for student use, but be appropriate for staff.)




    Widely available for student use

    Available and/or built-in tools

    Meets criteria from vetting process

    Available for specific use

    May be subscription/paid tool

    Approved for some grade levels, school sites, and/or students

    App will be reviewed by Digital Learning Resource Committee

    Not available for use due to concerns from vetting process

    If the app you are looking for is NOT shown in the Dashboard, listed as “Denied” or “Unrated,” please see Submitting an app/digital resource request (directions below).


    Submitting an app/digital resource request

    To submit an app/digital resource request, open an FMX Help Desk ticket and select Digital Resource/App Request from the Request type dropdown. Be sure to provide all of the required information.

    Interested in an Unrated app? 

    ➞ Submit a “New App Request” ticket.

    Interested in an app that is not in the Dashboard? 

    ➞ Submit a “New App Request” ticket

    Interested in a Denied app or an app not currently available for a certain grade level? 

    ➞ Submit an “Appeal an App Rating” ticket.


    App requests will be reviewed quarterly by the Digital Learning Resource Committee on the dates below:

    • August 21, 2023

    • October 9, 2023

    • January 22, 2024

    • March 18, 2024


    Staff Responsibilities and Compliance

    We take student data privacy very seriously in FUSD.  All FUSD staff, regardless of role,  are expected to support the responsible use of all digital tools and resources by your students by:

    • Ensuring that any digital resource used with students has been approved for use, including parental consent (if necessary)

    • Following all data privacy, terms of use and Federal Laws (COPPA, GDPR, FERPA, Child Age Approval, and Accessibility). 

    • Using only the approved FUSD digital communication tools for student and family communication (Synergy, Canvas Inbox, and email).

    • Disallowing the use of FUSD sign-in credentials by students to create external accounts on websites (for example “sign-in with Google”).


    As part of FUSD policy changes and a modified Employee Handbook a new Staff Technology Use and Data Privacy Agreement will be presented and signed by all FUSD staff.

    The FUSD Student Responsible Use Agreement outlines the approved digital tools and systems in place to facilitate teaching and learning.

    It is the responsibility of all FUSD staff to safeguard students, ensure use of only approved digital resources, and protect student data/privacy. Failure to do so has the potential to put both students and staff at risk, and may result in disciplinary action.