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This Week's Events

  • Virtual Spirit Week

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  • New Resources for Students and Families

    To assist students and families as they navigate these unpredictable times we have created a resources list that includes resources for academic assitance as well as mental and physical health.  Additionally we have developed an example of a daily student agenda to assist students in developing a routine as we are out of school.  The resources are located under the "Resources" tab, Family Resources.  You can jump to the page by clicking on the link below and we will be updating the page with more resources as we research them.

    Family Resources   


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  • Family Technology Survey.

    To assist us in meeting the needs of all families, please take the time to complete the FHS Technology Survey.

    Technology Survey

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  • Let’s Try to answer some questions!

    Late this afternoon I was able to meet with our student government and it was a great opportunity to get some insight on what students are going through!  We were also able to begin planning some ways for students to connect with one another and will have some more information on those activities in the next few days.  From the meeting the biggest thing that came out was what events are canceled, rescheduled, or need to be re-designed for what we are facing at this point. I thought I could take this opportunity to answer some of those questions now with the knowledge that things will be constantly changing over the next few months.  Together we can make things happen and the intent is not to cancel any of these major events but we may have to modify to meet our needs.  At this point, the only events that have been canceled are the field trips that were planned during the school closure.

    At the end of this document is a google form that will give you the opportunity to ask questions about those things that are on your mind and make sure we are thinking about all possibilities and solutions. 

    Here are some answers, or at least an attempt to answer unpredictable situations, to a few of the things we spoke about today with our Student Government.

    Online Classes:  At this point we are not prepared to go totally online with instruction and I hope that we would never go to a completely online environment as it would take away from the social component of high school.  As we transition to a different instructional model in these unprecedented times we will most likely be moving towards Google Classroom with some virtual discussions. As we transition we need to make sure we are addressing all concerns with FERPA and HIPPA law to ensure the safety of every student online. We hope to have these platforms in place by March 30th.  Other concerns center around those students who may not be able to join an online platform and how we can address the needs of all students.

    Graduation: This is one of those milestone events for our seniors and their families.  Since it is one of the last events of the year we will find a way to make this happen.  Please remember that we also depend on NAU for the venue and I am hopeful that by the time graduation is here we will have the venue sorted out.  If needed we will host at another location and find a way to make sure that this is a meaningful and momentous occasion. The only thing that would delay this would be federal mandates of social isolation/distancing.  Even with this we could find a way to celebrate the event which could include pushing the date into June or July.  

    Graduation Announcements: We are in contact with Balfour and they are ready to ship the announcements to us for those that have ordered them.  The thought is to do a curbside pick up to allow families time to mail them out. We will send out more information as we get this coordinated.

    Prom: This is another milestone activity for our Juniors and Seniors that I want to make sure we find a way to make this happen.  At this point the venue we had planned , CCC, has been closed and we will need to rethink where this event could happen. I will be working with Student Government to reschedule a date that works for everyone.  Some ideas I have had would be to host after graduation, if needed, to make the students have a meaningful and momentous end of the school year. We will begin ticket sales as soon as we have a venue. 

    Spring Theater Performance: The drama students have worked very hard to produce an exceptional theater event and Mr. Smith was even commenting before spring break how well things were going.  Again I believe we need to keep our options open about when and how we can make this happen even pushing back the date until we have a solid grasp of how to move forward.

    Spring Sports: At this time the AIA has not canceled any Championship Tournaments and, just like us, are in a holding pattern waiting to see how we can salvage every piece we can.

    AP Courses and Testing: We are currently looking at AP Standards and information about the AP exams to begin deciding how to provide the information necessary to be successful on the AP exam.  You will see a more in depth conversation about AP courses and exams in the next few days. For the 2019-202 school year, students will take a shortened 45-minute free-response test at home. Test dates for course exams will be posted to the College Board website no later than Friday, April 3rd.  Once the new dates are posted we can begin looking at implementing the AP exams.

    ACT Exam:  All ACT State and District testing dates have been canceled.  ADE is currently working with ACT to find an alternative date and ACT is posting a new date of June 13 on its website, however, this may not be for State and District Testing.  As soon as we get that information we will let everyone know.

    SAT: The May 2nd testing date for SAT is canceled.  There is no current information about when the next SAT testing opportunity will be provided.

    AzM2 & AIMS ScienceADE is currently seeking a waiver with the U.S. Department of Education to cancel state achievement testing for the 2019-2020 school year.  FUSD will notify families once the status of the waiver request is known.

    Civics Test Graduation Requirement: FUSD is currently seeking guidance from ADE about how to help seniors meet the Civics Test graduation requirement. 

    Field Trips:  At this point any field that was planned during the school closure has been canceled and we are working with the tour groups about refunds.  As you can imagine these groups work with thousands of schools and we are in communication with them.

    Senior Trip: The senior trip is sponsored by an outside organization and happens after graduation.  At this point the tour company has canceled this trip and we are working with the company about how refunds will be distributed.

    Clubs and Activities:  Clubs and activities are a vital part of many students' social interaction on our campus.  The Student Government was investigating how this might happen on a virtual platform until we can once again meet in large groups.  I am confident we will find some way to sponsor these events and even planning some virtual get togethers today. The ICC meeting scheduled for April 7th is still on and will happen virtually.  All club presidents and vice presidents will be invited to attend.  

    Yearbooks/Spring Bash:  Mr. Contreras is in communication with the company producing the yearbook and developing ways to include spring events.  We will plan some type of activity to distribute and sign once we know when and how we will return to school.

    PLATO Classes:  If you are enrolled in a PLATO course it is essential that you continue to progress through the curriculum and complete the course.  Remember you are enrolled in a PALTO course because you are behind on your graduation plan. If you complete a course and have another you need to take, please contact your counselor via email for assistance. 

    College Visits/Next Step Meetings: We are working with colleges who had visits planned to FHS to make these available virtually to the seniors who were planning to attend.  Event registration will be emailed out via your NAVIANCE account.


    Link to ask questions, supply solutions, or make a comment:

    Tony Cullen

    Principal, Flagstaff High School 

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  • FHS COVID 19 School Clousure Update

    Welcome back FHS student and Families!!

    Welcome back I know you probably have a thousand questions and to be honest I only have 100 answers at this time as we are meeting to plan for multiple scenarios. The key right now is to follow protocols set by the health department and stay safe both mentally and physically. Currently we are available for email communication Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    To stay connected immediately, all staff will be checking emails and will be reaching out to families later this week. Our counselors are also available to answer questions via email and we hope to have a video chat platform up in the next few days that meets all the requirements for FERPA and HIPPA law. Additionally, in these trying times, please do not hesitate to contact my by text at 928-699-0486 and I will call you as soon as possible.

    Please complete the online survey by clicking on the link below.  This will assist us in  developing virtual educational opportunities for all students. 

    FHS Family Technology Survey



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