• Flagstaff Unified School District
    Driver Education Program
    Curriculum & Instruction Office
    Christine Everett, Coordinator
     (928)  527-6021
    Email:   ceverett@fusd1.org
    Driver Education Program is Certified by Arizona Department of Education and Arizona Department of Transportation/Motor Vehicle Division for participation in the Arizona High School Driver Education Program. Instructors are ADE Certified with the Driver Education Endorsement. All eligible high school students can participate.  We are unable to provide services to adults or students that have graduated from high school. Please plan accordingly and make sure the eligible student finishes the Behind The Wheel driving time prior to turning 18 years of age. If student is 18 and a high school he/she can still participate in the program but  the High School Driver Education Certificate cannot be issued.  Once student is 18, the Certificate can not be issued per MVD policy.    
    Program consists of 36 hours: 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of Behind The Wheel driving time in our vehicles equipped with a front passenger brake.  Please allow several weeks after the classroom portion is completed before the BTW is scheduled.  Please read all the information provided on the registration form.  Please choose a class that allows for plenty of time to complete the BTW.  Registration fee is $400 and is Arizona Tax Credit eligible.  
    REMINDER FOR CLASSES OFFERED DURING THE WINTER SEASON:  If regular school is cancelled due to inclement weather, the driver educatoin class will also be cancelled.  If during the school day the weather turns bad and FUSD Administration cancels all after school activities, the driver educaion class will also be cancelled.