The 2024-25 Class Schedule and registration form will be posted end of July 2024. Classes will resume next fall.  
    UPDATE  1/26/2024
    The Department of Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has new guidelines for the High School Driving Education Programs.  MVD is no longer sending the "HIGH SCHOOL DRIVER EDUCATION CERTIFICATES" to the schools to be issued to the student upon completion of the program.  Which means that your student will not receive a certificate.  The Driver Education Program Instructors will log into the MVD Online Portal to enter in the student's PASSING grade in the areas of: Knowledge Test, Skills Test Results for Vehicle Inspection, Parking Test and Road Test.  These results will become a permanent record for the student's MVD record.   When the student is eligible to obtain their Driver License, you will inform the MVD personal that the student completed the FUSD Driver Education Program and will look at the student's MVD Record to verify this and the MVD Road Test should be waived for the student.  Please allow 5 days after the student completes the Behind The Wheel Driving Time for the Instructor to have time to login and find your student in the MVD portal and enter in the PASSING grade results.  When this is done, the coordinator will mail you a letter that indicates that your student completed the High School Driving Education Program  for you to submit to your private insurance company to provide you a discount if applicable.   
    Thank you!  
    Christine Everett
    Driver Education Coordinator
    Curriculum & Instruction - Administrative Assistant 
    (928) 527- 6021
    Email:  ceverett@fusd1.org