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    Mission Statement
    Provide culturally responsive educational support that promotes awareness, sensitivity, of indigenous students, through programs that serve students, family, educators and the community.

    Goals For Students
    • To provide educational college and career readiness skills
    • To promote life-long learning while retaining cultural identity.
    • To nurture their potential to become successful and productive citizens.
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  • Parent Project

    2022 Land Acknowledgment Creation Meeting Presentation: 

    On 8/31/2022 a small group of Native American parents came together to begin drafting a land acknowledgment for Flagstaff Unified School District. Below is the presentation that led the discussion to this first draft.


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  • Below is the first draft of the "FUSD-Land Acknowledgment".

    Please send feedback or comments to dlomahaftewa-albert@fusd1.org 

    (DRAFT) The parents and stakeholders of Flagstaff Unified School District would like to acknowledge the sacred land upon which our schools are located. 

    We recognize our Indigenous ancestors as the original stewards of the land as well as their descendants who still inhabit this land today, known to them as, Wii haginbaja (Havasupai), Wiiha Mahkabaja (Hualapai), Dins'chee Bith'Ovwel-tel (Apache), Kin'lani (Dine'/Navajo), Nuvatukya'ovi (Hopi), and to all as Flagstaff.

    We will respect honor and strengthen relationships with indigenous nations, whose lands and natural resources we benefit from to this day. (DRAFT)


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