• Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Flagstaff Unified School District!


    The Flagstaff Unified School District utilizes many volunteers in classrooms and as coaches. State Statute  A.R.S. 15-512 and Governing Board Policy I-6631 govern volunteers.
    Statute mandates a background screening of all volunteers at no cost, except parents who do not require a background screening as well as those who carry a valid fingerprint clearance card.
    To begin the volunteer process:
    1.  Contact the school site or program in which you have an interest, to discuss volunteer opportunities.
    2.  Complete the Volunteer Packet (en Español)
    3. Once you have completed your application and the school site has checked your references you will be asked to visit Human Resources to fill out the Volunteer Form to Notarize (en Español).  You are welcome to have the page notarized at an alternate location and bring in the completed paper to Human Resources at the FUSD District Office. The form is also available in the volunteer application. HR is available to notarize on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 - 4:00 pm.
    4. Human Resources will email a confirmation to you and to the site that shows you are ready to start volunteering! Please check in with the school site to begin volunteering.
    Questions or comments on this process? Please email Madelyn Trillo at mtrillo@fusd1.org
    The following link is to be used on your visit to HR to complete a BIB background screening: https://bib.com/secure-volunteer/FLAGSTAFF-UNIFIED-SCHOOL-DISTRICT-1/home