College and Career Development
  •  The College & Career Development Department helps Flagstaff Unified School District realize its mission and vision by providing a comprehensive, relevant journey of learning to the youth of Flagstaff and surrounding areas. Seeking whole-student development which readies them for whatever postsecondary path they may choose - as well as responsible citizenship - goes beyond the realm of strict academics, and encompasses development of technical skills and knowledge, cultivation of "soft" skills and character, and real-world opportunities for bringing these things together in a meaningful way via work-based learning. In order to help students make informed educational decisions and life choices based on their own interests and ambitions, college and career development (CCD) follows the course of awareness, exploration, and preparation. These elements can take place at different levels, at different times, and in a multitude of ways, but the progression allows for a student to reach high school graduation with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at whatever their chosen path may be.

    The intentional planning and implementation of programs and supports for this type of student development is a holistic effort involving a range of stakeholders. The College & Career Development Department enjoys robust collaborative relationships inclusive of educators, students, families, the business community, and civic leaders / organizations. These partners believe in and embrace the shared responsibility of ensuring a prosperous future for both individuals and the larger community, and we would like to thank them for their commitment.

    We encourage you to explore our department's pages on this site, and to take advantage of the information and resources available here. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to us using the information provided below. 


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