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    Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) are co-curricular components of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. CTSOs extend the impact of CTE programs through personal and leadership development, applied learning, real-world application, competitions, and more. Each CTE program has one CTSO in which its students maintain membership and participate.

    CTSOs function as a component of classroom curriculum and instruction in order to go beyond the technical aspects of a subject to also develop professional and leadership skills. CTSOs help guide students in developing a program of study and career path, as well as affording opportunities to compete against others in the same CTE program area, earn financial aid for post-secondary pathways, and participate in community service and service learning. In addition, students have opportunities to hold leadership positions at the local, state, and national level and attend leadership development conferences to network with other students as well as business and industry partners.

    Provided below, you will find a list of the CTSOs available at FUSD high schools, their associated CTE programs, the site advisor(s) for each campus, and the website for each CTSO:


    Careers Through Culinary Arts Program

    Culinary Arts      FHS - Courtney Smithson & Kerstin Strones  


    Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

         Architectural Interior Design & Merchandising      CHS - Laura Locke

    Culinary Arts     CHS - Janeille Buckley & Lara Locke

                         FHS - Courtney Smithson & Kerstin Strones

    Early Childhood Education     FHS - Diane Sorden

    Fashion Design & Merchandising      FHS - Christy Auble



    Agriscience      CHS - Alicia McKee


    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

         Business Management & Administrative Services     FHS - Richard Dean


    Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

         Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation      FHS - Dante Delia



         Automotive Technologies     CHS - Brian Locke

                                                                   FHS - 

    Cabinetmaking     CHS - Jesse Cornett

                                   FHS - Ernie Rice     

    Digital Photography     CHS - Kelly Marquez

                                                FHS - Kristen O'Neill

         Engineering Sciences     CHS - Dave Tessmer & Bobby Woodruff

    FHS - Richard Krueger

    Film & Television Production     CHS - Jeremy Gemeta

         Graphic Design     FHS - Kate Cochran

    Software & App Design     FHS - Matt Minister

         Welding Technologies     CHS - Mike Handforth

                                           FHS - Mike Rust