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    Contact Information


    Name: Mary Giannola

    Title: Camp Colton Director

    Email Address: mgiannola@fusd1.org

    Phone Number: 928-527-6109

    Cell Number: 928-853-3040


    Name: Ari Wilder

    Title: Executive Director of Friends of Camp Colton

    Email Address: awilder@fusd1.org

    Phone Number: 928-527-6142


    Friends of Camp Colton


    History: “Camp Colton is a residential environmental education center that is owned by the Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD). FUSD created the program (previously known as Project L.I.F.E.- Life In the Flagstaff Environment) in 1971 to introduce children to the local environment and increase their understanding of science and nature through outdoor experiences.”


    Programs: “FUSD students attend Camp Colton at no cost as an integrated part of their science studies. Accompanied by their classroom teachers and taught by the Camp’s staff of environmental educators, students spend four-days and three-nights at Camp Colton learning about the natural environment through experiential and inquiry-based classes, field expeditions, and presentations by local science agencies and organizations. Campers also enjoy recreational activities and outdoor experiences such as hiking, campfire songs, square dancing, games, arts and crafts, and the adventures associated with outdoor and off-grid living.”


    CAMP COLTON HISTORY & PROGRAMS. (2019). Retrieved from https://friendsofcampcolton.org/camp/


    Camp Colton Tax Credit:

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    Donate to Camp Colton:

    Visit www.fusd1.org/Page/129 and select a FUSD middle school (MEMS or SMS)


    Directions to Camp Colton:

    Camp Colton is located approximately 15 north of downtown Flagstaff. Travel north on Hwy 180 until you pass mile marker 225. Turn right onto dirt road; FS 151. Drive 3.8 miles. Look for cattle shoot, cattle guard, split rail fence and silver gate on the right side.