• Online Verification (Update student information)

    Parents and guardians can update school records online using the online verification process.  This process had traditionally been completed using paper packets which was then entered by school staff members, but can now be completed using ParentVUE - an online platform that allows families to see grades, schedules and more.

    Through online verification, parents/guardians can update the following:

    • Contact information,
    • Medical conditions,
    • Emergency contacts,
    • Residency documentation,
    • Transportation request and agreement, and
    • Approval forms and agreements that include technology use, media release/directory opt-out, survey consents, Arizona residency, handbooks, and more.


    Online Verification Video Tutorial:

  • For further questions about the online verification process, please contact your student's school.

    • If your student is Brand New to FUSD schools:  (My student has never attended a FUSD school before.)

      If your student is Continuing in FUSD: (My student was enrolled in and completed the previous school year in an FUSD school.) 

      • Please complete the Online Verification process for your student through your ParentVUE account to include any demographic, health or other updates and all required annual forms.

      If your student is Returning to FUSD: (My student did not attend in the previous school year or complete the semester in a FUSD school but has been a FUSD student in a year previous to the last school year, including any FUSD preschool program.)

      • Please call the school data clerk or administrative assistant and indicate your intent to re-enroll your student.  The school can search for your student if you are unsure. You can then utilize your existing ParentVUE account to re-enroll or verify your student’s previous information.  The school can create an activation key or you may log in using the Forgot Password feature if needed.  


    To complete the online verification process, you will need--

    • For desktop/laptop/mobile devices:
      • Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser and your ParentVUE username and password OR
    • For mobile devices:
      • ParentVUE app and your ParentVUE username and password

    Be ready to upload the following documents for the Verification process in addition to forms that will be populated based on the verification process:

    • Proof of physical Arizona residential address if your address has changed
    • Notarized changes to guardianship, Power of Attorney or custody
    • Course Pick List for scheduling (secondary)
    • Any Opt Out forms you wish for your student
    • Any other annual forms as directed by the school

    Click on the ParentVUE link below to get started:

  • Don't have a ParentVUE account?

    Access to ParentVUE requires a username and password, which parents/guardians set up with an Activation Key code.  Contact your child’s school office to get your activation key. 

    Once you have your activation key

    1. Click on the blue ParentVUE link above
    2. Click on I am a Parent
    3. On the ParentVUE Account Access click on more options and then Activate Account
    4. Click I Accept on the Privacy Statement
    5. Enter your activation key

     Forgot Your ParentVUE Password?

    1. Go to the FUSD ParentVUE login page 
    2. Click on I am a Parent
    3. On the ParentVUE Account Access Click on More Options and then Forget Password. 
    4. Enter your ParentVUE user name or  email address that the school has on record for you.
    5. A password email will be sent with steps on how to reset your password.