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    Guardians can sign up for Canvas Parent Observers accounts. Once an observer account is created, all current and future Canvas enrollments in FUSD will be accessible from the observer's account. Some student guardians may already have observer accounts linked to their FUSD Canvas accounts. Teachers can generate class codes or provide families information about access their student's code:

    Teacher Generated Class Observer CodesAdding Guardians_Observers in Canvas pdf

    Student-Generated Observer Code How do I generate a pairing code for an observer as a student?


     OBSERVERS CAN SEE AND DO THE FOLLOWING (if Made Visible by the Teacher in the Course Navigation):

    • View and read announcements
    • View assignments index page
    • View the calendar
    • View personal inbox
    • Send conversation messages to instructor and student they are observing (through web browser)
    • View the dashboard
    • View files unless they are locked
    • View grades of students they are observing and filter, view scores and dates, and print grades
    • View modules and see due dates, point values, etc.
    • View pages 
    • View profile pictures, if available
    • View syllabus
    • View outcomes
    • View quizzes index page (Quiz list)


    • Comment on announcements or discussions
    • View active quizzes
    • Submit assignments or quizzes
    • View course rosters
    • Send conversation messages to students in the course
    • View locked files or folders
    • Join groups
    • View unpublished courses


    Canvas Inbox Messaging Update 8/8/20

    Due to misuse and recent concerns, the ability for students to message other students in their Canvas classes has been disabled. Students should now only be able to message their teachers. This is a global setting so it is currently off for the entire FUSD instance but may require a further conversation of the impact on various grade levels and the academic need at those grade levels for use the inbox messaging in the future.

    Canvas Apps

    Apps require entering the school name: fusd1

    Student App Canvas Student App

    Teacher AppCanvas Teacher App

    Parent AppCanvas Parent App


    FUSD has contracted Instructure, the company behind Canvas, to provide 24/7 Tier 1 support for all FUSD staff & students. 

    Please call the 24/7 Canvas Support Hotline at 1-844-339-4704 or access the live chat with Canvas Support through Help within the global navigation of your FUSD Canvas environment.

    Canvas 24/7 support image


    Canvas Resources for Staff:

    All secondary instructional staff has access to the Canvas course used when provided in-person training(CHS training rescheduled for Aug. 2020). These courses have videos and other helpful information about accessing templates and Canvas Commons.

    All Canvas users, staff and students, have access to 24/7 Canvas support. This can be located in the help menu within each user's Canvas account.

    Canvas has a training portal also available in the help menu for staff with live webinars, pre-recorded videos, and training courses.

    Canvas Guides(Click Here) are also available in the Canvas help menu. The guides cover most any topic or question and connect users with the larger canvas Community.


    Sharing Course Content with Other Teachers in Canvas:

    Sometimes teachers want to share Canvas course content with others. This can range from sharing a single quiz to much or all of the content in a Canvas course. There are four ways to do this: 

    1. Use Send To... to individual assignments
    2. Exporting/importing (when sharing a lot of assignments)
    3. Using a Group in the Canvas Commons (good for select items you want to share)
    4. Sharing a Sandbox course with other teachers (best for frequent collaborators)

    Direct Share

    Export/Import Method

    2.1 Exporting all course content or just some quizzes

    2.2 Importing all or part of a course

    Canvas Commons Group Method

    3.1 Setting up a Group

    3.2 Sharing to a Group

    3.3 Importing from a Group

    Sandbox Course Method

    4.1 Creating a sandbox course

    4.2 Importing from a sandbox course


    Resources for Transitioning from Google Classroom to Canvas: