• Who can take Driver's Education?
    Our program is designed for all high school students who are close to getting their Instructor Permit at age of 15 years and 6 months or while they are still in high school. It is highly recommended to take the classroom instruction and do the Behind The Wheel driving time as soon as possible working with the instructor's schedule. Please allow several weeks after the classroom portion is finished before student begins the BTW. Each instructor drives each student individually in 2 hour increments on three different days. It does take some time to work through the list so patience is needed. The student must complete the Behind The Wheel within one year upon completion of the classroom instruction. The "High School Driver Education Certificate" is issued to students who complete the 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of Behind The Wheel. We do not offer BTW to students who have already received their Driver License and the Certificate will not be issued.

    We are no longer allowed to issue the "High School Driver Education Certificate" to adults so the student needs to be in high school to complete the program. This means that the Behind The Wheel driving time needs to be completed prior to the student graduating from high school and prior to the age of 18. We can not offer services to anyone over the age of 18. Student can still participate in the program if 18 and still a high school student, but the Certificate can not be issued.

    What if school is cancelled during the winter for a Snow Day, will the Driver Ed Class be cancelled?
    YES. If school is cancelled so is the Drivers Education class. In the event that classes are cancelled, extra days may be added to the class. If after school activities/sports are cancelled due to the weather turning bad during the school day the driver education class will also be cancelled.

    Who provides the vehicles for the Behind The Wheel driving time?
    Students will be using district cars which are provided by Findlay Toyota and are all equipped with a front passenger brake.

    Who provides vehicle insurance?
    Flagstaff Unified School District provides insurance for students completing their driving training and must have registration form on file.

    Where can my student take Driver Education?
    Driver Education is held at Coconino High and Flagstaff High Schools during the school year and whever the summer school program is being held as it varies. You can attend whichever school that is convenient for you.

    My student attends a Charter School or is Home Schooled can I participate in the program?
    YES. Our program is open to all high school students.

    Who teaches the Driver Education classes?
    All instructors are ADE Certified teachers with Driver Education endorsement.

    What if my student needs more driving time?
    If the high school student has already completed classroom instruction along with the 6 hours Behind The Wheel and needs more driving time it can be purchased in 2 hour increments for $75, or this is at the descretion of the instructor to provide extra hours. You need to register for extra driving time at the district office.