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    "Success does not depend upon the brilliance of your plan,
    but upon the consistency of your actions" Lee J. Cohen

    This Website is designed to help you plan for your high school graduation as well as to inform you about college requirements.  Few people ever experience success without planning for it.  Flagstaff High School offers you the opportunity for success; however, it is your responsibility to transform it into reality.

    Please utilize the information on this site to plan your selection of courses necessary to meet the minimum graduation requirements of Flagstaff Unified School District, and to meet your own specific career plans.  As you build your blueprint for success, it will be very important that you consistently work with your parents, teachers, and counselors when making your final course selections.  Choose your courses carefully.  The school master schedule of classes is based upon student choices made during registration.  It is very difficult to change student schedules once the registration process is completed, all students have been enrolled, and the teaching staff has been assigned their responsibilities.

    At Flagstaff High School, it is our Professional Learning Community's goal that every student pursue a rigorous curriculum, and we expect students to graduate with twenty-eight credits.  Failure is not an option.  During your pursuit of excellence, if you fall behind or find that you are not truly prepared for the next level of course, summer school is a recommended option to support your success.

    The staff is ready to help you plan appropriately, so that you will graduate on time and have the ability to reach all of your goals for the future. 

    Click Here for the Academic Integrity Policy