Welcome to Physical Education

  • Physical Education/Health (only PE class with no fee): The class will help students establish a personal fitness program that they will follow throughout the class and their lives. Using fitness measurements such as heart rate monitors, pedometers and following the Fitness Gram model, students will improve their flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and their muscular strength and endurance. The health curriculum at FHS is taught in the personal Fitness class. This 18 week class includes equal measures of physical activity and academic instruction.

    Recreational Sports and Activities (yearlong): This course focuses on outdoor activities emphasizing hiking and backpacking, cross-country skiing, orienteering,survivalskills, knot tying, first aid, outdoor games (capture the flag, horseshoes, Frisbee, golf, and sand volleyball) and outdoor cooking. Additionally students will experience a wide variety of team and individual sports and lifetime activities including tennis, flag football, soccer, volleyball, archery, badminton, basketball and various other lifetime sports. Also included in this class will be mountain biking, bouldering, and snowshoe activities.

    Strength Training & Conditioning (yearlong): The class will be a combination of strength and conditioning,sport specific activities, character building and exam preparations. Emphasis will be placed on power, strength, speed, agility and flexibility. The classis designed for those student athletes who want to achieve a higher skill level and a greater desire for competitive activity.

    Fit Kids (Prerequisite: Personal Fitness): Fit kids programs offer a broad, general and inclusive fitness opportunity that will help students maximize their health and fitness potential. Realizing the importance of health at a young age is critical to experiencing a lasting, healthy lifestyle. Classes are created with specific objectives in mind. Fee required. Fit Kids Basketball and Conditioning Description: This course will focus on conditioning activities that will be basketball specific. For example; plyometrics, jump training, agility, speed, and cardiovascular endurance. In addition to conditioning, the course will focus on basketball training, small player games, half court and full court drills. This course is open to women and men who do not play on the FHS basketball teams. The class will be assessed on vertical jumping, PACER, shuttle run, 20 yard dash, and agility.

    Fit Kids Cross Fit: Provides constantly varied workouts each day that combine body weight movements (squat, push-up, box-jump, sit-up, pull-up, burpee, etc.) Olympic Weightlifting movements (clean, jerk, snatch), core weightlifting movements (back squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, deadlift, and bench), and cardiovascular endurance (running, jump rope). Workouts are known for their high intensity and are often shorter than a typical weightlifting session. Students will be assessed on execution of proper technique on all movements as well as their physical fitness progress. Great for athletes and non-athletes alike!

    Fit Kids Outdoor Recreation (Alpine Institute Eligible): This course will introduce a variety of activities that a person can enjoy throughout their lifetime, encouraging students to be actively engaged, personally involved in all kinds of activities both indoor and outdoor. Examples include: mountain biking, swimming, disc golf, badminton, orienteering/geocaching, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, golf, ultimate Frisbee, tennis, racquetball, handball, Zumba, aerobic dance.

    Fit Kids Yoga: Yoga is an all-encompassing movement practice that provides benefits for the body and mind. This daily practice will increase strength, flexibility, agility, stability and mobility in the physical body. As a mind-body fitness form, yoga also helps students increase their mindfulness by strengthening focus, eliminating distractions and decreasing the negative effects of stress. This yoga class is open to all individuals, all fitness levels, all ages and all skill levels. As part of the Fit Kids program, this course will emphasize lifelong healthy habits. Habits relating to exercise, nutrition and overall well-being will be identified and students will implement practices designed to develop and incorporate these habits into their lifestyle.