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  • Welcome to the FHS Clubs & Organization section! We are excited to show you the many options of getting involed here at Flagstaff High School. As you navigate through this section you will find various clubs and their sponsers contact info that way you know who to contact when you are ready join. You can also visit the student council website to get update on what's happeing aroung FHS and how you can join student council class. Visit the yearbook site to meet the currrent staff, see updated information and even order your yearbook. You can also learn about link crew, meet this years crew and learn how to apply for the class. There is so much to explore on the clubs and organization page and we hope you find what you are looking for. 

    The clubs, activities and organizations are regulated and coordinated by the Student Council. Clubs wishing to schedule activities, such as dances and fund raising sales must petition the council to have the event entered on the student calendar and cleared with school administration to be added to the school calendar. No solicitation of funds, sales and circulation of petitions or drives may be carried out in the school without the approval of Student Council and the administration. The rule applies to all school organizations as well as individual students.

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