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    Thank you for your interest in joining the Student Council family for the 2024-2025 school year. The Student Council is a very unique class which challenges students to step up as leaders of the school. This class is a lot more than just planning dances and school assemblies. The students are responsible for helping create a positive and inclusive school culture for all students at FHS. The goal of this group is to represent the interests and concerns of the student body. As leaders, students in the Student Council must maintain a high level of professionalism and leadership. Lastly, based on the nature of the class, students will be expected to attend events outside the normal class time and will receive credit for attendance/effort during these events. Many of these events require admission to games or the purchase of a ticket. 


    We do have more students interested in the class than seats available. We ask all interested students to submit the following information and answer questions from the selection committee. The graduating Seniors, along with the Student Council Advisors, Ms. Askew & Ms. Kerr, will read through your applications and score them based on a rubric. Then, based on those scores, a determination about who is admitted into the class and who is placed on the waitlist will be made. To keep the process as fair as possible, all applicants' names will be removed from view while the selection committee reviews the information. The only people who will have access to the names are Ms. Askew, Ms. Kerr and the FHS Administration.


    The application-Form A (Student Council Class Application) must be submitted by April 5th. Scan the QR code below to complete the application. You also need to have Form B (Parent Permission Form) signed at this time too.  Form B (Parent Permission Form) is attached to this letter.  Signed copies can be dropped off at the front office or hand-delivered to Ms. Askew in room 116. Decisions will be made and announced in early May. 

    Ms. Askew & Ms. Kerr

    Student Council Advisors 

    Flagstaff High School

    jaskew@fusd1.org & ekerr@fusd1.org