Welcome to the FHS Student Service Office

  • Mission Statement


    The Flagstaff High School Counseling Department is founded on the principles of advocacy, leadership, collaboration, and systemic change through data informed practice. We are committed to developing and maintaining an environment where students will have equitable access to academic, college/career and social/emotional educational opportunities.  Our comprehensive school counseling program will eliminate barriers and empower students to successfully reach higher toward their personal and academic potential. We work to build relationships using collaboration between school, family and community to help students acquire positive skills, attitudes and knowledge in order to improve attendance, behavior, and academic achievement.


    Vision Statement

    The vision of the Flagstaff High School Counseling Program is to graduate students with the skills needed to become kind, inclusive, culturally aware and productive members of our global community.   Through an academically relevant, challenging and supportive environment, students will acquire the necessary skills to reach their post-secondary aspirations.

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    (On School Days)

  • FHS Counseling Staff:

    Student Services Office Secretary:
    Robyn Holland
    Data Clerk:
    Ellie Rodriguez