• Graduation Requirements

    Units of credit = one-half unit of credit (.50) is earned for each course completed with a passing grade during each semester of the school year.

    1.  Credit requirements for graduation:  Class of 2014 and beyond =22 credits

    2.  Students must earn a MEETS score on the state-mandated AIMS tests in reading, math and writing.

    3.  Successfully complete the following required credits:

    Curriculum Area 
    FUSD Graduation Requirements 2014 and beyond
    AZ Public University Admissions
    4 (alg, geo, alg II, (+ 1)
    3 (lab sciences)
    Social Studies
    Fine Arts/ Vocational   
    1 (fine arts)
    Modern Language
    2 (3 recommended)
    Elective Courses       6 6
    Graduation Requirement


    Recommended amount of credits per semester, in order to be on track to graduate:
    End of
    Fall semester 
    End of
    Spring semester 
     9th grade     3  6
     10th grade  9  12
     11th grade  15  18
     12th grade  21  24

    *If you have less than the recommended amount of credit, please see your guidance counselor regarding credit recovery.
     Arizona Public University Core Course Requirements:
    • English credits (must be composition based)
    • Mathematics credits (must be Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one (1) higher math)
    • Laboratory science credits (three out of the following: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AP Environmental Science, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Astronomy)
    • Social Studies credits, which include: World History/Geography, U.S. History, American Government/Economics
    • Modern Language credits must be in the same modern language.
    • Fine arts credit ( art, music, theater and digital photography courses meet this requirement)

    Graduation requirements established by the Governing Board may be met by a student who passes courses in the required or elective subjects at a community college or university. Such courses may be determined to be a higher level than the course taught in the high school attended by the student, or if the course is not taught in the high school of attendance, the course must be at a level equal to or higher than a high school course. The board will award one-half credit for each three-semester hours of credit earned in an accredited community college or university. All of the above is subject to the student meeting the requirements for admission to a community college or university and prior approval by the appropriate building principal.