• Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III AP Spanish Language and Culture: Two (2) years of Spanish are recommended for college‐bound students who wish to achieve the language proficiency expected by most four‐year colleges and universities. Levels I and II establish a foundation of communication dealing with everyday activities in meaningful cultural contexts and basic grammar. Students learn essential vocabulary, useful expressions and study Hispanic culture. In Spanish III students learn advanced grammatical structures and improve their oral proficiency skills. This course is designed to prepare students for admission to AP Spanish Language and Culture. (Note: Students are expected to successfully complete Level I courses with a C or better before progressing to Level II).

    Navajo I and II: The students learn Dine’ bizaad at all levels by listening, speaking, reading, writing, and role‐playing. In the level 1, they learn basic vocabulary and useful expressions. Students are introduced to Navajo culture and history. In level 2, students increase their verbal proficiency and study syntax and grammar. Students are also immersed in Dine’ pragmatics, play writing and literature development. (Note: Students are expected to successfully complete Level I courses with a C or better before progressing to Level II). Dine History and Government Description: Dine History and Government, a survey course, deals with the political, social and economic development that influence tribal, state, and federal government. The curriculum explores Dine culture, treaties, constitutional development, and political socialization. Students will learn essential vocabulary, geography, mythology and arts on a broad variety of topics dealing with daily life. Opportunities to gain knowledge about native astronomy, medical herb ology, ecological relationships, environmental concerns, and related societal implications will be explored. Analysis of major strategies and personalities involved in the Mexican/Indian Wars, the Long Walk, Navajo Code Talkers and Dine’ Veteran’s contributions to World War II will be emphasized. Introduction to the Dine legal system and contemporary legal issues will be discussed. This course is required for students applying for the Navajo Nation Chief Manuelito Scholarship.