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  • AP Human Geography- 9th grade AP Academy Recommended Course: AP Human Geography is a college-level course which studies the interactions between physical geography, human migration, cultures and economic relationships. The purpose of the AP Human Geography course is to introduce students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of Earth’s surface. Students employ spatial concepts and landscape analysis to examine human social organization and its environmental consequences. They also learn about the methods and tools geographers use in their science and practice. Topics include: Population, Migration, Cultural Patterns, Political Organization, Agricultural and Rural Land Use, Industrialization and Economic Development, Cities and Urban Land Use, and much more!

    World History - 10th Grade Required Course: This course will trace world history from the Renaissance through the 1990’s. Major topics will include the Renaissance, world exploration, industrial development and major political changes. A strong focus will also be given to the major events of the 20th Century, including global conflicts, genocide and the Cold War. The class will conclude with a study of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the problems confronting today’s modern world. Students will also study climates, land forms, mountains, rivers and soils.

    AP World History- Prerequisite: Teacher and Counselor Recommendation: AP World History is a course designed to challenge students with in-depth coverage of World History topics and events from pre-history to the modern globalized world. The scope of the class is to prepare students for college level academia along with the AP exam given in the spring. Students who take this course are encouraged to take the exam through which they can earn college credit.

    United States History - 11th Grade Required Course: US History will allow students to analyze our national experience through time, to recognize the relationships of event and people, and to interpret significant patterns, themes, ideas, beliefs, and turning points in AZ and American history. The course covers the entire course of American History.

    Dual Enrolled United States History - Pre-requisite: Students should have a “C” or better in both semesters of World History and obtain a recommendation/signature from their World History teacher: Dual Enrollment United States History is a rigorous year-long course (in conjunction with Coconino Community College two semester courses: Hist 131 and Hist 132). The purpose of these courses is to provide an in-depth study of United States History from prior to European colonization of Indigenous America to the modern era. Students are expected to read, analyze and write about primary and secondary sources on a daily basis. The workload is significantly more than in the general U.S. History course. Upon completion of each semester, students will receive college credit (totaling 6 college credits). All students in DE US History are expected to register for the courses with CCC and pay $30 per class, per semester, to CCC.

    AP United States History - Prerequisite: Teacher and Counselor Recommendation: AP U.S. History is a yearlong class designed to provide an in-depth study of United States History from its beginning roots to the modern era. It prepares students for college-level work as well as the Advanced Placement exam in the spring. All students in this course will be highly encouraged to take the exam through which they can earn college credit. Students will receive a weighted grade for this class only if they complete both terms of the course. When Students register they must sign up for both FALL and SPRING terms.

    American Government/Economics - 12th Grade Required Course: This course is offered in the senior year as a course to better prepare the senior student for the responsibilities of the adult world. American Government investigates state and federal government in today’s society and the social problems that concern each government. Arizona Government is integrated into the course. Economics is designed to give the student a better understanding of the American economic system. It also provides students with a realistic background for solving and understanding problems that confront the individual.

    AP American Government - (Prerequisite: Teacher and Counselor Recommendation): Advanced Placement American Government is an in-depth course that offers a critical exploration of the American political process. The college level curriculum explores such topics as constitutional development, political socialization, the impact of interest groups, and interrelationship of the three branches of government. This class also prepares interested students for the Advanced Placement Government exam. This class fulfills 12th grade American Government requirement.

    AP Microeconomics - (Prerequisite: Teacher and Counselor Recommendation): Advanced Placement Microeconomics is centered on communicating economic principles and having students apply those principles to their world. Besides microeconomics, students will also be exposed to the state standards in economics such as macroeconomics, personal finance, and financial markets. The design of this course will give students who want to take the AP Micro exam in the spring foundational knowledge and skills for passing the exam.