What are Homebound Services?
    "Homebound" or "hospitalized" means a student who is capable of profiting from academic instruction but is unable to attend school due to illness, disease, accident, pregnancy or handicapped conditions, who has been examined by a competent medical doctor and is certified by the doctor as being unable to attend regular classes for a period of not less than three school months (ARS 15-761 (4) (3) as amended, 1984). 
    Who qualifies for Homebound Services?
    Student's who will be out of school for more than 90 consecutive calendar days due to a serious illness or injury may qualify for Homebound Services.
    How do I begin the Homebound process?
    Parents will need to contact their son or daughter's home school counselor to begin the process.  Once parents have met with the home school counselor, the counselor will contact the Homebound Coordinator to discuss the students' situation and request Homebound Services.  If the Coordinator determines the student may qualify for services, the parents will need to complete and sign a portion of the Homebound Application.  The student's physician will need to complete and sign the diagnosis and recommendation portion of the application.  Principal and counselor will then sign the application and submit it to the Homebound Service Coordinator.  If the student is approved for Homebound Services a teacher is assigned to the student. 
    Questions regarding Homebound Services?
    Contact your home school counselor. 
    District Contacts 
    Cathy Cox, Student Support Services Director
    Phone: (928) 527-6178 
    Fax: (928) 527-6181
    Email: ccox@fusd1.org  
    Dawn LaCivita, Student Support Services Administrative Assistant 
    Phone: (928) 527-6140
    Fax: (928) 527-6181
    Email: dlacivita@fusd1.org