Curriculum Kinsey Inquiry and Discovery School  - an FUSD Magnet School 

    Place-Based and Project Based Learning are utilized to create a unique and highly engaging environment where students continually make connections to their academic content.
    Place-Based Learning is a method of practice that uses places and the resources found there to learn across disciplines. This can include a place's culture, history, economy and environment. The goal is to foster a sense of place for individuals within their community.
    Project Based Learning, students are engaged in the curriculum by a meaningful question to explore, an engaging real-world problem to solve, or a challenge to design or create something. Students begin the topic’s inquiry by asking questions and developing their own answers. To demonstrate what they learn, students create high-quality products and present their work to a chosen audience. Students often do project work collaboratively in small teams, guided by the teacher. 
    The magnet program at Kinsey is extremely grateful and proud to receive grant support from The Arizona Community Foundation-Flagstaff, The National Park Trust, and Arizona Game and Fish Department.
    Champions – United Way of Northern Arizona
    Arizona Game and Fish Department | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service             National Park Trust Unveils New Branding - National Park Trust