• Science Fair 2018

    Dear Parents and Young Scientists,

         This spring Marshall Magnet School will sponsor its 31sth annual all-school Science Fair.
    The Fair will be held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, February 13, 14, and 15, (Parent night is Wednesday the 15th starting at 5:30pm) in our school gym

    Marshall students may participate in one of two ways:
    1.  A DEMONSTRATION (examples- How Volcanoes Erupt); What Type of Bridge Can Hold the Greatest Amount of Weight?)
    2.  An EXPERIMENT (example: How Does the Design of a Bridge Affect Its Ability to Hold Weight?)

    Of the two types of Science Fair Projects, here at Marshall, only projects that are true experiments (those in which a student asks a question, forms a hypotheses, completes a set of procedures, collects data, and draws conclusions) will be judged, have a chance at receiving an award and will be eligible to go on to compete at the next Science Fair level.  
    Students choosing to conduct an experiment must ask a question, and design an experiment to answer the question.

    Experiments will be judged at each grade level in the categories of Earth, Physical, and Life Science. Students may enter individually, in pairs (two students at the same grade level), or as a class. Class experiments will not be judged.  Students will be responsible for their own materials. Prepared science kits and experiments harmful to animals will not be allowed.  Students whose experiments involve live animals will not be permitted to display the animals during the science fair. Specific rules and guidelines for projects are on the reverse side of this letter. If you choose to enter, please see your teacher for a packet that may help you create a successful project.

    To better plan for awards, judges, and project set up, all students need to:

    •   obtain an entry proposal form for their project from classroom teachers.

    •   submit the entry proposal to the Science Fair Committee by Friday, January 13, 2012.

    •   bring their completed Science Fair Projects to their classrooms on Thursday, February 9, 2012

    Students’ names are NOT to be written on the FRONT of the projects (they may be written on the back). However, a title does need to be written clearly at the top of the project. A form with an entry number will be attached to each project the Friday before the Science Fair. Parents and teachers, thank you for your cooperation and support in this exciting learning experience!

    Marshall Science Council
    Science Fair Subcommittee

    Mrs. Paulsen (Gr.1/2)                                     Ms. Reasor                               Mr. Kasch (Gr. 5)


    Proposal Form (due January 13, 2012)