Medications at School

  • All medications for students must be kept in the nurses office.  Please do not send any medications into school WITH a child. 

    My Child needs to take a medication every day at school.  How do I arrange this?.....

    1. Fill out FORM "Request to administer medication at school".
         - form found on this web site under "FUSD Health service documents" tab or paper copy in RN office
    2. Medication:
         - MUST be in it's original packaging with Rx label from the pharmacy    
         - if it is an over the counter medication, it must be in original packaging.
         - We can not take expired medications.  Please check EXP date.  
    3. Drop off medication and form to the Nurse office between 8:15-3:30.  Please DO NOT send the medication in with the child.
    4. A message will be sent to your child's teacher to inform what time they need to come to the Nurse office daily.

    My child has Asthma and I want them to carry their inhaler with them  and not have it in Nurses office.  What do I do?......

    Students MAY carry EMERGENCY medication, such as inhalers.

    Your child is responsible to carry his/her inhaler if....

    1. They can demonstrate to the Nurse proper use.
    2. They know to take medication only as directed and not more frequent.
    3. They know to come see the Nurse if their inhaler medication does not help them.
    4. You think whey won't loose it.

    If So...

    1. Fill out form " Request for self administration of medication at school" form
            - found in RN office
    2. Bring in medication in original packaging with Rx label- check expiration date
    3. Parent, child, and medication come to office-  student demonstrates proper use and forms signed off on.
    4. Have Childs Doctor fill out an "Asthma Action Plan" form and return to RN.  Form found in RN office or MD has on form. 

    My Child needs an EpiPen at school for his or her allergy.  What do I do?......

    1. Fill out the "Request to administer medication at school form" 
    2. EpiPen  - must be in original packaging with child's Rx attached and NOT expired.
    3. Have Child's Doctor fill out "Food Allergy Action Plan" form if Food allergy.
    4. If you are requesting the Cafeteria to make substitutions for your child, please talk to the Nurse.
    5. Bring form and EpiPen into the Nurse between 8:15-3:30.  DO NOT SEND AN EPIPEN in with a CHILD.

    If you have any questions on procedure and paperwork, please feel free to call me (928) 773-4152.   Thanks.  Nurse Stacy