• Giving

    This year do something really smart about your tax bill... Keep your tax dollars at Cromer!

    You have a choice. You can send all your tax dollars to Phoenix or have some of them used directly to improve education at Cromer!

    It costs you nothing. It gives you a say in how your tax dollars are spent and reduces your tax bill by whatever amount you donate. Let’s say you donate $400 to an eligible school activity, you will reduce your Arizona state tax bill by $400. If you expect a refund, it will be $400 higher. Even if you don't itemize deductions on your income tax, you can still contribute to education at Cromer through the School Tax Credit (as a direct credit, not just a deduction). If you don’t pay state income tax, you can’t reduce your liability below $0.

    So many programs are in need of support. Last year, taxpayers like you helped cover the costs of field trips, assemblies, after-school programs, admission to plays, concerts, parks, museums, nature camps, music, art, and physical education programs. Simply put, tax credit donations make possible a wide range of learning opportunities that our children would not otherwise have. And you don’t have to have a child in the school district to benefit from this tax credit. Anyone can make contributions to Cromer- grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles- anyone who pays AZ state tax!

    Any amount will help Cromer students. Arizona allows individual state income taxpayers to receive a tax credit of up to $200 and married couples filing jointly up to $400 for contributions, but even if you don’t have this much cash on-hand, you can still make a donation. If every Cromer family contributed $20 or $50 dollars, we would be able to provide many more opportunities for our children.

    It’s not too late to contribute for 2009!

    Click on the link below to download the
    brochure and donation form.

    • For more information about volunteerism...

    • Our school is in need of the following items.  If you would like to donate contact the office.

      • Headphones (4)
      • Small whiteboards & erasers (12)
      • Plastic magnetic letter sets (12)
      • Magnetic boards (10)
      • Pocket charts (4)
      • 1 stand for pocket chart
      • Sentence strips
      • Floor pillows for rooms
      • PVC pipe for puppet theater
      • Puppets
      • Lamps