• Message from the Principal

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

    Mrs. Wilson

     Mrs. Ninon Wilson
    Principal of DeMiguel Elementary School


    July 2021


     Elementary School is a place of excellence where all students are engaged in high quality, real-world learning.  Our students create, communicate, collaborate, and think critically, achieving full potential and become responsible citizens who are lifelong learners.


    Our Core values are P.R.I.D.E.  



    July 2021  

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students of DeMiguel Elementary:

    As the principal of DeMiguel Elementary, let me be the first to say welcome to the home of the DeMiguel Lobos. DeMiguel has a long history and rich tradition in Flagstaff, Arizona, and it is both an honor and privilege to serve the DeMiguel  community. During the last 30+ years, the staff at DeMiguel Elementary has held steadfast in providing our students and families with an outstanding educational program within a neighborhood community.

    It is our pleasure to get to serve you and your children at school each day.  At DeMiguel Elementary, we strive to maintain increasingly high standards for student learning and development while also respecting and honoring the wonders of childhood.  We value the relationships we have with parents and families, so please help us get to know you better so that we can serve your family’s needs.  If you are new to the DeMiguel area, please give us a call and schedule a tour so that we may share this wonderful school community with you.

    As principal, I want you to know that I pride myself on cultivating positive relationships and making decisions based upon what is best for the children and families at DeMiguel Elementary because this is “OUR” place. I encourage all parents/guardians to be a part of the decision-making process. As parents/guardians, I urge you to join our efforts to take DeMiguel Elementary to a new level. Join us as community members to amplify the voices of our parents, students, teachers and DeMiguel community and help us make DeMiguel Elementary OUR happy place.

    “OUR” happy place is about amplifying the voices of our students, parents, teachers and community to help us reach the highest levels of success as we continue to write history, embrace the traditions that exist, and create experiences and opportunities that will allow DeMiguel to reach its full potential for ALL students.

      #lobopride #kindnessmatters #ourhappyplace



    DeMiguel Staff List 2021-2022



    • Mrs. Pranke


    • Mrs. Wertz
    • Mrs. Merriman
    • Mrs. Ricciardi
    • Ms.  Folkers

    First Grade

    • Mrs. Ahrendt
    • Mrs. Bruner
    • Ms. Dent
    • Mrs. Severe

    Second Grade

    • Ms. Buffington
    • Mrs. Settle
    • Mrs. Wallace
    • Ms. Wheeler

    Third Grade

    • Ms. Layman
    • Mr. McLaughlin
    • Mr. Murray
    • Ms. Warner

    Fourth Grade

    • Ms. Cleary
    • Mrs. Dolle
    • Ms. Gaetano
    • Mrs.Griffin
    • Ms. Jones

    Fifth Grade

    • Ms. Federio
    • Mrs. Mansfield
    • Ms. McCarty
    • Mrs. Weidinger

    School Psychologist

    • Mrs. Kent


    • Mrs. Smith

    Native American Advisor

    • Mrs. Yazzie


    • Music - Mr. Hill
    • Art - Ms. Clasen
    • P.E. - Mrs. Hunter
    • Library/Media - Mrs. Claypool

    Special Educators


    • Mrs. Warke (IS)
    • Mr. Rossman (PS/Resrouce)
    • Mrs. Campbell (resource)
    • Mrs. Pozar (PBIS)


    • Mrs. B. Wilson


    School Nurse

    • Nurse Halyna

    Building Based Aides

    • Mr. Krencius (tech)

    Duty Aides/Kinder Aides

    • Mrs. Roughton
    • Mrs. Schwanke
    • Mrs. Huffmon
    • Mrs. Beecroft

    Special Education Aides

    • Mrs.  McClinton
    • Mrs. D. Morgan
    • Mrs. K. Morgan
    • Mrs. Nelson (instructional)
    • Mrs. Paothatat

    School Administrative Assistant

    • Mrs. Lane


    • Ms. Kortsen

    Clerical Aide

    • Mrs. Palmer

    Custodial Staff:

    • Mr. Yazzie