• Message from the Principal

    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!


    Mrs. Ninon Wilson, Principal of DeMiguel Elementary School


    August  2017

    Dear DeMiguel School Parents/Guardians,

    I hope this letter finds you enjoying the last few weeks of summer with family and friends as the start of school will soon be upon us!  I am so excited to begin the 2017-2018 school year so that we can continue to build on the previous year’s successes!  

    Mission Statement and Core Values:

    DeMiguel School parents are critically important in helping us continue to move towards excellence.  As such, it is important to know our mission and core values so that you can reiterate those messages at home and join us in working towards this meaningful endeavor. The mission of DeMiguel School is to promote curiosity, creativity, and opportunities in learning as we strive for excellence. Our core values include promoting appreciation of individual learning styles, skills, and talents to maximize learning and growth; treating all people with dignity, kindness, and respect; and fostering intellectual curiosity and risk taking through creative problem solving. Our science, technology, engineering, arts, and math will be a continued focus this year.


    Recognition for DeMiguel’s Finest:

    Here at DeMiguel School, we have been diligently working to prepare for the first day of school on August 10th.  A huge thank you goes out to our custodial staff for getting this building in pristine condition. We have had a lot of construction happening in our Commons and kindergarten playground area. Melvin, Oscar, and Isaiah-- and the other district custodians worked tirelessly to clean every nook and cranny of DeMiguel School.  It looks amazing!  Our school secretary extraordinaire, Emily, has put in countless hours inputting data into our system, registering students, ordering materials, and getting DeMiguel School organized so that no stone is left unturned before opening day.  Our dynamic duo of Amber and Dodie have supported Emily and have tirelessly worked on incoming registration paperwork. The exceptionally talented teachers have been in and out of the building all summer as they excitedly prepare for their new students.  It is going to be a wonderful year at Cole School thanks in great part to the entire staff that works together to make DeMiguel School an amazingly wonderful place!


     Our staffing for the 2017-2018 school year is as follows:

    ** NEW to our campus!


    • Mrs. Pranke


    • Ms. Bennett
    • Ms. Humphrey
    • Ms. Kartchner
    • Ms. White


    • Mrs. Wertz
    • Mrs. Reese
    • Mrs. Mendel
    • Mrs.  Bruner
    • Ms.  Folkers
    • **Mrs.  Merriman

    First Grade

    • Mrs.  Dent
    • Ms.  Treadway
    • Mrs.  Gonzales
    • Mrs. Othon/Mrs.  Lamer
    • ** Ms. Gaerig
    • **Ms. Managhan

    Second Grade

    • Mrs. Selzer(previously Marbach)
    • Ms. Buffington
    • Mr. Murray
    • Ms. Wheeler

    Third Grade

    • Ms. Jones
    • Ms. Doughman
    • **Mrs. Sheppard
    • ¾ combo--Ms. Layman

    Fourth Grade

    • Mrs. Griffin
    • Mrs. Federio-Carolus
    • Ms. Strauss
    • ¾ combo Ms. Warner

    Fifth Grade

    • Ms. Morrow
    • Mrs. Anderson
    • Mrs. Mansfield
    • Mr. Rossman

    School Psychologist

    • **Mrs. Pinet


    • Mrs. Smith

    Behavior Support Counselor

    • Ms.  Lamberti

    Native American Advisor

    • Mr. Scott


    • Music - Mr. Hill
    • Art - Mrs. Nicolson
    • P.E. - Mrs. Hunter
    • Library/Media - Mrs. Claypool

    Special Educators

         -    Mrs. Martinet (PS)

    • Ms. Gaetano (resource)
    • Mrs. Warke (IS)
    • Mrs. Laughlin (BSP)


    • Mrs. Wilson
    • Mrs. Cameron
    • Mr. Lahan
    • Mrs. West


    • Ms. Dennis
    • Ms. Blaauw

    School Nurse

    • Nurse Angel

    Building Based Aides

    • Mrs. Dankemeyer (PBIS)
    • Mr. Doose (tech)

    Duty Aides/Kinder Aides

    • Mrs. Abadian
    • Mrs. Schwanke
    • **Mrs. Barnhart (8/21)
    • **Mrs. Beecroft (8/21)
    • Mrs. Huffmon
    • Mrs. Winfree

    Special Education Aides

    • Mrs. Beadle
    • Mrs. Bordwell
    • Mrs. Carpenter
    • Mrs. Gaebel
    • Ms. Jirsa
    • Mrs. McClinton
    • Mrs. Morgan
    • Mrs. Polach-Archer
    • Ms. Sallaway
    • Mrs. Sanchez

    School Secretary

    • Mrs. Dossinger
    • Mrs. Maggard (attendance)

    Clerical Aide

    • Mrs. Stone

    Custodial Staff:

    • Melvin Yazzie
    • Oscar
    • Isaiah


    Bus Information:

    Bus routes were carefully planned and students riding the buses were carefully accounted for.  With that being said, no student is allowed to ride a bus other than the one they’ve been assigned to without prior permission from the parent and signed by the administrator.  As a reminder, Kindergarten students require having a person at the bus stop.


    Parent/Student Handbook:

    The Student/Parent Handbook for the elementary schools is now online at www.fusd1.org/demiguel.  Please take a moment to review it before school starts.  You will be asked to sign off that you have been made aware of the this handbook.  It is an excellent resource for parents and will answer many of the questions you might have as we begin the year.


    Lunch Information:

    The monthly menu can be found on our district website under the Food Services tab.We also send a hard copy of this as well. In addition, there is information regarding how to set up an online lunch account for your student.  The online lunch account allows families the ability to deposit money into your child’s account for lunch, milk or snacks.  


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    Your Partner in Education,

    Ninon Wilson


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