• gaw Mission:  
    Marshall provides relevant and integrated art & science opportunities that support the academic and social-emotional development of each student, while embracing diversity and promoting high expectations. 

    Core Belief:

    Marshall students are informed, inspired and exceptional forever. 

    Who we are and what we do:
    Marshall is an Art and Science Magnet School.  This special status, unique among Flagstaff schools, is made possible through our community partnerships. Above and beyond our fixed operating budget, our school receives much-needed additional support from tax credit monies, the local business community, as well from and array of city, county, state, and federal grants.  These essential special funding sources enable Marshall to offer several unique learning opportunities to all of its students at no extra cost to our families.

    vio Marshall is also a federally-identified Title 1 school, a status which implies that the picture of our student population includes individuals from many socioeconomic backgrounds. Our school likewise celebrates its great cultural diversity with an ethnic composition that is 43% Anglo, 36.5% Hispanic, 18% Native American, in addition to many others. 

    Integration of the arts and sciences into our academic curriculum in support of achievement occurs constantly at Marshall. Our teachers meet to collaborate in Professional Learning Communities on a weekly basis,with the goal of raising student achievement and comprehension always taking center stage. Similarly, our STEAM Council, as well as our PTO, teachers, families, artists-in-residence, local scientists, administrative and community partners actively collaborate,year-after-year, to continue to enhance and expand our unique programs.
    How can you help?
    Please consider making your tax credit contribution (a dollar for dollar credit returned to you on State taxes) to our Marshall Magnet Art and Science programs. 
    Contact us
    There are many ways to get involved with Marshall Magnet Elementary School.  If you would like to learn more about Marshall Magnet Elementary School, please visit our web page at www.fusd1.org/Marshall or visit us on Facebook