• Our admissions process includes an application, attending FUSD's Kindergarten Registration, a school orientation, and communicating with our office on accepting open seats.

    Acceptance into our Spanish/English Bilingual Programs or our Navajo Immersion Program at kindergarten is based on dates of application combined with a family's first language to ensure a strong bilingual/immersion model. Annually, we accept a new class of kindergartners comprised of 25 students with English as a first language, 25 students with Spanish as a first language, and 25 students aspiring to learn Navajo. In Kindergarten, 100% of instructional time is in the Diné language. For the Spanish-English Program, parents must also indicate if they prefer the single-age or multiage/Montesorri-inspired program on their application. All classrooms at PdH are inquiry-based, language immersion classrooms that follow our school's Program of Inquiry oriented toward bilingualism and international mindedness. 

    At this time, PdH does not require a language examination for admission into kindergarten. Admission into PdH in first-grade is also based on dates of application and available seats. There is a "sibling preference" for families with children enrolled in PdH, but application forms must be completed prior to December 31st for the upcoming kindergarten year. 

    Late Admissions at Puente de Hózhó

    There is a process for entry into Puente de Hozho for second through fifth-graders. PdH is considered an Elementary Preparatory Academy inside FUSD. Consequently, students can enter PdH after second-grade if certain criteria are met. Please see us for further information. A language examination will be administered in these cases to ensure a strong first-language, which is a precursor to becoming bilingual.

    Late admission applicants are on-going when spots allow. 

    Please contact Principal Mark Culbertson (mculbertson@fusd1.org) with any questions about admissions to PdH.