• Puente de Hózhó  Bilingual Magnet School

    As a part of the Flagstaff Unified School District, Puente de Hózhó (PdH) Elementary School is a public trilingual language and International Baccalaureate (IB) school located in Flagstaff, Arizona. PdH has two dual-language programs, comprised of a Navajo Immersion Language Program, and a Spanish-English Bilingual Program. We also offer Montessori-inspired instruction, along with several multi-age classrooms.  We serve students from kindergarten through fifth grade.  

    The idea that influenced the creation of PdH was to create an educational environment where students of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds could learn together while pursuing “the Power of Two,” or the ability to speak, read, and write proficiently in two languages. The vision was to create a school where each child’s language and culture was regarded not as a problem to be solved but as an invaluable asset;  English speakers would learn Spanish, Spanish speakers would learn English, Navajo children would acquire their Indigenous language. 

    Consequently, Puente de Hózhó's mission is to build a “bridge of beauty” between speakers and learners of Diné (Navajo), Spanish, and English and empower children to be multicultural and multilingual stewards of the world. Our mission is to provide an educational environment where students can pursue the following goals:

    Academic excellence: Students will meet or exceed state, national, and international academic standards.

    Bilingualism: Students will become proficient speakers, readers, and writers of Spanish, Diné, and English.

    Culture:  Students will affirm their cultural identity, explore other cultures and cultural issues, and develop a multicultural and pluralistic vision of the world.

    Diversity: Students will experience the power and beauty of diversity and recognize its potential to enrich and enhance classrooms, communities, and the world around them.