• Our updated admissions processes will be posted soon for the 2018-2019 school year. Please check back soon for more information. 

    Our admissions processes for the 2017-2018 school year remains consistent with years past, which includes an application, attending FUSD's Kindergarten Registration and/or a school orientation scheduled on another date, and communicating with our office on accepting open seats. Acceptance into our Spanish/English Bilingual Program or our Navajo Immersion Program at kindergarten is based on dates of application combined with a family's first language to ensure a strong bilingual/immersion model. Annually, we accept a new class of kindergarteners comprised of 25 students with English as a first language, 25 students with Spanish as a first language, and 25 students aspiring to learn Navajo. At this time, PdH does not require a language examination for admissions. Admission into PdH after kindergarten is based on class availability and experience with dual language/immersion schooling.  

    Please contact Lisa Coe (lcoe@fusd1.org) with any questions about admissions to PdH.