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    Thank you for visiting 1st Grade's Academics Website!  We welcome you to also visit each teachers' individual site as well to see what is happening within each 1st Grade classroom!

    Throughout your child's First Grade year, they will learn many amazing things that will promote them as readers, writers, give them the basic foundations within mathematics, and allow them to explore history and their curiosity of science.  Below you will find a list of items within various academic categories that your child will learn throughout First Grade based on the Common Core Standards.  These are items that your child will also be expected to know by the end of First Grade based off of our Standards Report Card.

    Reading & Writing
    *Your child will read a first grade passage with accuracy and fluency while making predictions and comprehending the meaning of the passage.
    *Your child will be able to retell a first grade passage including characters, setting, main idea, which includes who, what, when, where, and why.
    *Your child will be able to read the first 250 high-frequency (commonly-used) words, as well as, being able to spell the words correctly within their writing.
    *Your child will write a simple story that has a beginning, middle and end, along with proper use of capitalization, grammar, and punctuation.
    *Your child will be able to define vocabulary words from stories, identify compound words, contractions and rhyming words.
    *Most importantly, your child will LOVE to read all the amazing pieces of literature they will be exposed to!
    *Your child will have a wonderful time exploring the basic foundations of mathematics throughout the school year!
    *Your child will be able to interpret graphs, understand probability, tell time, and identify money.
    *Your child will identify place value to 120, identify, read, write and order whole numbers through 120.
    *Your child will be able to add and subtract numbers from 0-20, and they will also add and subtract two-digit numbers.
    *Your child will use problem solving techniques to help them solve word problems.
    Click on the following link to see a complete listing of the standards that your child will learn and be assessed on throughout 1st grade. 1st Grade Standards Report
    Click on the following link to see our first grade curriculum map that will give parents a general idea of what concepts and themes we will be learning about throughout the year. 1st Grade Curriculum Map for Parents

    We are excited for all the terrific things your First Grader will be learning throughout the year!  We are excited to watch your child blossom within their academics!  We encourage you to discuss with your child what they learning within the classroom and find out ways that you can help continue that growth through helping with homework, reading nightly, creating a story, and practicing math facts.  We thank you for all the wonderful things you do to help support your child during their learning in First Grade!

    Thank you!  Please visit each teacher's individual site to see important information they might have for their classroom!
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