• What is my child learning in 2nd Grade?


    Reading and Writing

    • Read the first 300 high-frequency words
    • Read 2nd grade materials accurately, fluently, and with expression
    • Follow written, multi-step directions
    • Increase understanding and use of the writing process
    • Spell high-frequency words correctly
    • Use writing for various purposes


    • Order whole numbers to 999
    • Tell time to the quarter hour
    • Know fast math facts for addition, subtraction, and multiplication
    • Create and label graphs
    • Use money values to $1
    • Add and subtract one- and two-digit numbers using regrouping


    • Predict and compare the results of science investigations/experiments
    • Identify functions and major parts of the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems
    • Classify materials as solids, liquids, or gases
    • Explore insects and butterflies
    • Measure and record weather conditions

    Social Studies

    • Emergence of our nation, its holidays, and symbols
    • Development of civilizations and cultures with focus on westward expansion and Asia




    What can I do to help my child learn?

    • Set up a quiet, well-lit area and regular time for homework
    • Limit time watching television and playing video games
    • Read to your child every day... or, better yet, let them read to you
    • Visit the library regularly and let your child select their own books
    • Play games with your child that build reading, counting, and math skills


    Lisa Buffington

    Kaitlyn Settle

    Rosalinda Rendon

    Stacy Wheeler

    Visit http://ade.state.az.us to see a more complete list of standards and skills for 2nd grade.
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