• daisyWhat is my child learning in 2nd Grade?daisy 


    Reading and Writing    

    • Read the first 300 high-frequency words.
    • Read 2nd grade materials accurately, fluently and with expression. read
    • Follow written, multi-step directions.
    • Increase understanding and use of the writing process 
    • Spell high-frequency words correctly
    • Use writing for various purposes

    Math head 

    • Order whole #'s to 999          
    • Tell time to the quarter hour 


    • Know fast math facts for +,-,x



    • create and label graphs
    • Use money values to $1
    • add and subtract one- and two -digit #'s using regrouping


    • Predict and compare the results of science investigations/experiments
    • Identify functions and major parts of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
    • Classify materials as solids, liquids or gases
    • Explore insects and butterflies
    • Measure & record weather conditions

    Social Studies

    • Emergence of our nation, its holidays, and symbols
    • Development of civilizations and cultures with focus on westward expansion and Asia

    What can I do to help my child learn?

    Set up a quiet, well-lit area and regular time for homework

    Limit time watching television and playing video games.

    Read to you child every day... or, better yet, let them read to you

    Visit the library regularly and let you child select his or her own books

    Play games with your child that build reading, counting, and math skills
     http://ade.state.az.us  to see a more complete list of standards and skills for 2nd grade
    We encourage you to become involved in your child's education!
    Contact the teacher to learn what you can do.
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