• Our faculty is world-class, multilingual, and recognized. Drawing faculty from the Americas and the Navajo Nation, you will find a committed staff throughout our building and passionate educators in every classroom. Our core values are the following: 

    We are language teachers.

    At Puente de Hózhó, we believe in the power of language to build mutual understanding, stewardship, and leadership at home and around the world. Consequently, we are all language teachers. Language proficiency--and celebrating, sustaining, and revitalizing the fabric of culture embedded in language--is our ultimate goal.

    We believe in the potential of every child.  

    Children are the world’s greatest assets, and we are committed to the holistic development of every child regardless of actual or presupposed obstacles. We acknowledge the direct connection between teacher expectations and the fulfillment of student potential, and we fully embrace the challenge to maximize the social, emotional, academic, linguistic, and cultural growth of all our children. 

    Diversity is our foundation.

    We believe in the power of diversity in American pluralism and democracy, and we believe diversity is an academic asset for staff, students, families. and communities.  Because Puente de Hózhó is predicated on the premise that diversity, inclusion, understanding, love, and mutual respect are inherently good, we are committed to explicitly teaching those values to our students.  Consequently, we aim to affirm students’ cultural identity, explore other cultures and cultural issues, and develop a multicultural and pluralistic vision of the world.

    We are possibility thinkers.

    Puente de Hózhó is filled with “possibility thinkers.” When adults are committed to the social, emotional, and academic growth of children, we commit to continuous improvement, innovation, and the open possibilities of our craft.

    Here is a link to our staff directory