• PdH parents are highly involved in the decision-making of the school either through the Parent School Improvement Team and/or our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), and parents are seen as trusted allies in reaching the goals of the school overall. It is common to see PdH parents working alongside our staff throughout the day or brainstorming solutions for school improvement. The intellectual capital of our parents is appreciated, and we ask all PdH parents to become involved in ways that make sense for each PdH family. Our PTO can be reached at flagpuentedehozho@gmail.com and please connect with Dr. Kelty if you are interested in the Parent School Improvement Team. 


    Parent Resources 

    PdH Behavioral Matrix

    PdH 2018 Semester Newsletter

    Recurring Absences and Student Achievement (Attendance Works)

    Parent Teacher Conferences Tip Sheet

    Healthy Snacks List

    Native American Home Coordinator: Robert Chee (rchee@fusd1.org)