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    Linda Davis
    (Room 108)
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    Jackie Treadway
    (Room 110)
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    Jenelle Malone
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    What your First Grader is learning.
                                                                              Student Reading Reading & Writing
    • Read the first 100 high-frequency words.
    • Read common words quickly and easily.
    • Read 1st grade materials accurately and fluently.
    • Recognize upper and lower case letters and the sounds they make.
    • Answer who,what where and when questions.
    • Follow simple steps in the writing process.
    • Use correct grammar, punctuation and simple sentence structure.
    • Write a simple story.
    Mathematics & Science
    • Identify, read write and place in order whole numbers to 100.
    • Count coins through $1.00
    • Tell time accurately to the hour.
    • Learn to add all number 0-18
    • Add and subtract one-and two-digit numbers
    • Conduct simple probability activities.
    • Predict the results of an experiment.
    • Study balance and motion.
    • Learn basic weather facts.
     Social Studies
    First grade introduces the development of civilizations and cultures around the world-using Egypt and North America as examples.
    Technology, Art, Music & PE
    First grade will be exploring the use of technology safely and effectively for research.
    Art and music will focus on understanding the value of art and music throughout history. They will be learning the vocabulary and skills needed to create or perform.