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    By the 5th grade we are reading materials accurately, fluently and with appropriate pacing, rhythm and expression.  We will use context to determine the relevant meaning of works that have multiple meanings. We are understanding literal vs. figurative words/language.

    We are learning:

    • To exhibit comprehension by drawing conclusions, determining cause and effect, making inferences.
    • Identifying parts within plot and point of view(first/third person, omniscient).
    • Identifying persuasive writing strategies.
    • Learning the use of both simple and complex sentences that flow naturally; correct capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.

      In mathematics  & science we are comparing and determining equivalency between whole number, fractions, decimals, and percentages. We are simplify fractions to their lowest terms, and solving algebraic equations with one missing variable.

    ~ We are also learning:

    ~ To draw prisms, pyramids, cones, and cylinders

    ~ We will formulate questions and predictions for investigation/experimentation; identify trends/form  conclusion.

    ~ The impact of natural hazards on environment.

    ~ The relationship of the Earth to other objects in the solar system
    In Social Studies in the 5th grade will examine U.S.  history from the earliest Native American cultures to the Civil War.  issues of exploration and rebellion throughout the world are studied.
    We will have a Technology class, Art class, Music class & PE throughout the week.  This is just some of what your 5th grader will explore this school year.