Textbooks    SECOND GRADE TEACHERS Notebook

    Dina Bangle
    (Room 109)
    Class Website
    Kristin Shafer
    Kendra Renyer
    (Room 301)
    What are we learning in Second Grade?
    Reading & Writing
    Read the first 200 high-frequency words ~ Recognize and use compound words  ~ Read 2nd grade materials accurately, fluently and with expression. ~  Follow written, multi-step directions  ~ Increase understanding and use o f the writing process  ~ Spell high-frequency words correctly.
    Mathematics & Science
    • Identify, read,write and place in order whole numbers to 1000.
    • Identify place values.
    • Use money values.
    • Tell time to the minute.
    • Add three-digit numbers.
    • Learn multiplication facts for 1's, 2's,5's and 10's.
    • Create and sole word problems.
    • Predict and compare the results of science investigations/experiments.
    • Explore life cycles of insects,mammals, and plants.
    • Measure & record weather conditions.
    Social Studies
    Second grade covers the emergence of the United States as a nation, exploration and westward expansion.
    Development of civilizations and cultures focuses on Asia.
    Map construction and interpretation.
    Technology, Art, Music & PE
    Art & Music focus on understanding the value of art and music throughout history.
    Identifying the meaning or ideas communicated through art and music.
    Learning the vocabulary and skills needed to create of perform.
    Physical Education will focus on developing motor skills, establishing habits for healthy and active lifestyles.  It will foster positive communication and interaction with peers.
    Technology Education will involve using technology safely and effectively for research, learning, communication and exploration.