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    Shelby Breig
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    David Painter
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    What your student can expect in the Fourth Grade.

    Your student will be expected to read 4th grade materials accurately, fluently, and with appropriate pacing, rhythm and expression. They will determine meanings, pronunciation, syllables, and synonyms.

    Other areas of reading and writing:
    •  Exhibit comprehension by drawing conclusions, determining, cause and effect,  making inferences. 
    •  Identify types of literature       
    •  Distinguish fact from opinion    
    •  Use effective writing traits
    •  Accurately paraphrase information from research materials
    In Mathematics and Science your student will be identifying place values, comparing two unit fractions, solving problems using estimated and actual measurement, graphs, charts.  They will work on using estimation to verify if a calculation is reasonable. They solve algebraic equations with one missing variable.  We will explore ways to conserve resources, investigate properties of electricity, magnetism and water.           Scientist  They will formulate questions and predictions for investigation/experimentation. 
     In Social Studies the fourth grade covers Arizona and southwest history.  Early civilizations in Central and South America and their encounters with Europeans.
     You are your child's first and most important teacher. Research tells us that children do much better academically when parents extend learning from school to home.  Thank you for your support!