• Flagstaff Festival of Science 2021




    Starts Friday September 17th with the W.L. Gore Keynote Presentation: When Stones Speak: Decoding the Messages Embedded in Ancient Maya Monuments with Dr. Jaime Awe of Northern Arizona University. The presentation will be live in front of a reduced capacity audience and live-streamed. Tickets and webinar registration is available at: flgscifest.eventbrite.com.   

    A full listing of events is available by going to scifest.org and clicking on 2021 digital passport.  




    The Water Cycle is a National Geographic funded project looking to engage with kids across the Colorado River Watershed. This team of 7 teachers, scientists and artists are offering free educational programming to schools in the Colorado River Watershed. Our programs start with hands-on science investigation of what makes a watershed. After exploring the concept of a watershed, we guide students to an understanding of their place within this landscape and their personal connection to the river through the art of storytelling. Finally, students will receive a letter from a student upstream and then share their story with a student downstream, setting the foundation for an exciting penpalship. We will be in Northern Arizona from October 10-30 and the Flagstaff region from October 25-28th. 


    To request a program or more information please visit: www.waterbicycle.org or email: thewaterbicycle@gmail.com