• Sinagua Middle School Athletics 

    We will be having athletics this 2022-2023 School year! 

    If you have questions, feel free to email Charles Pierce cpierce@fusd1.org 

    SMS sports is a recreational sports program open to all students, regardless of their athletic abilities. It provides an opportunity for you to participate in extracurricular activities with equal playing time for everyone.

    The program's goals are to help build physical skills, develop a positive spirit of competition and school pride and emphasize cooperation, recreation and fun.

    In order to participate, you must have registered online at Register My Athlete (click the link below) and have a sports physical on file in the office before the cut-off dates listed below. New students, medical excuses or emergencies will be the only exception to the cut–off dates.

    Doctors usually will not give physicals on the “spur of the moment,” so please take your athletic physicals early in the year.

    Every student participating on an athletic team is issued a uniform and is responsible for returning it to his/her coach at the end of the season. Players are responsible for damage to or loss of their uniforms 

    Eligibility Grade Checks

    A student receiving an 2 during a three-week grading interval cannot participate in competition and will remain ineligible until the grade is brought up to a 2 or higher.


    Student Transportation

    All athletes and their families must ensure transportation from SMS by 4:10 pm on practice days.  Either through activity buses or parent pick-up. Transportation will be provided for games that take place at others schools, however this is a one-way trip.  Athletes and their families need to be picked-up after any meets or games held off of the SMS campus. 


    Lockers and Locks

    You are assigned a lock and a locker for physical education. Personal locks are not allowed. There is a $7.00 replacement cost if the lock is lost or damaged.

    You should never leave money or other valuable items in any school locker. The school is not responsible for, and cannot replace, stolen items. Valuables may be left locked in the coach's office or in the main office safe.




    SMS Online Athletic Registration
    Register My Athlete Link:  http://registermyathlete.com/schools/