• Welcome to Sinagua Middle School Girls' Volleyball
    VOLLEYBALL Tier 1 - at SMS Tier 1 - at SMS
    55 min games Large Gym Small Gym
    8:00 Match 1 (FCS V vs. MEMS V2) Match 2 (FJA V vs. SMS V1)
    9:00 Match 3 (Page V vs. SMS V2) Match 4 (Basis V vs. MEMS V1)
    10:00-10:15 Break Break
    10:15 Match 8 (L1 vs. L2) Match 9 (L3 vs. L4)
    11:15 Match 5 (W1 vs. W2) Match 6 (W3 vs. W4)
    12:15-12:30 Break Break
    12:30 Match 10 (W9 vs. L6) Match 11 (W8 vs. L5)
    1:30 Match 7 (W5 vs. W6) Match 12 (W10 vs. W11)
    2:30-2:45 Break Break
    2:45 Match 13 (W12 vs. L7)  
    Match 14 (W7 vs. W13) Champion


      Tier 2 - at MEMS Tier 3 - at MEMS
    40 min games Dome Gym
    8:00 Match 1 (SMS JV4 v SMS JV6) Match 2 (SMS JV5 v MEMS JV4)
    8:45 Match 3 (MEMS JV3 v W1) Match 4 (SMS JV3 v W2)
    9:30 Match 5 (L4 v L1) Match 6 (L2 v L3)
    10:15 Match 7 (W3 v W4) 1st Place Match 8 (W5 v W6)
    11:00-11:30 30 min Break 30 min Break
    11:30 Match 1 (Basis JV v MEMS JV2) Match 2 (SMS JV1 v FCS JV)
    12:15 Match 3 (Page JV v SMS JV2) Match 4 (MEMS JV1 v W1)
    1:00 Match 5 (W2 v W3) Match 6 (L2 v L3)
    1:00-1:15 Break Break
    1:15 Match 7 (L5 v L1) Match 8 (W6 v L4)
    2:00 Match 9 (W7 v W8) 3rd Place Match 10 (W4 v W5) 1st Place


    Practice begins Monday, August 21, 2023!

    All activities will be from 2:30 – 4pm after school. Tryouts will be in the gym.

    8th Graders will tryout on Monday

    7th Graders will tryout on Tuesday

    6th graders will tryout on Thursday

    Teams will be communicated this Friday evening along with practice schedules for the weeks to come.



    Needed Registration Documents

    23-24 Sports Physical Form 15.7A

    23-24 Sports Physical Form 15.7B

    Athletic Participation Requirements 

    Do these three things by the registration deadline above.

    1. Register for the sport(s) of your choice, by the Registration Deadline for the specific sport. Go to RegisterMyAthlete.com
    2. Get a Sports Physical, by the Registration Deadline for the specific sport. Go to your Primary Care Doctor, one of two NextCare Urgent Care’s in Flagstaff (locations in the physical packet). 
    3. Pay the $40 Athletic Fee, by the Registration Deadline for the specific sport. At the bookstore once school begins. Or pay online here.


    Volleyball Rules