• Flagstaff Unified School District

    Mathematics Department

    E = MC²

    Excellence = Mathematics x Collaboration x Community


    Vision Statement:  

    The FUSD Mathematics Department envisions a comprehensive mathematics system where all students are successful and have access to a high quality and equitable mathematics program, which utilizes course/grade level collaborative teams as the building blocks for improving teaching and learning.


     Mission Statement:

    The purpose of the FUSD Mathematics Department is to ensure academic success in mathematics for all students by providing the leadership, structure and resources from which the highest quality K-12 mathematics program can be implemented.

    We provide all students

    A safe collaborative community

    To participate in sense-making

    Communicate their thinking and 

    Form meaningful mathematical connections.

    Everyone Can Learn Math at High Levels


    Contact Information:

    Jane Gaun

    K-12 Mathematics Coordinator



    Teacher Resources

    Parent Resources

    Bedtime Math Web page for app

     (A free smartphone/tablet which provides a short item for you to read to your child and talk about math (just a little) every night)