• Flagstaff Unified School District

    Dress Code – Middle School


    We believe that the students at FUSD middle schools are responsible individuals who will reflect this in their dress and behavior.  Basic expectations of sanitation, safety, neatness and modesty must be observed.  Students will be expected to observe modes of dress, styles of hair, and personal grooming which support / do not distract from the learning environment. Students should not wear clothing or hair styles that can be hazardous to them in their school activities, such as during physical education or wood shop. Administration makes final decisions regarding attire, and parent/guardian may be contacted to bring an appropriate change of clothing, or to pick up their student.

    We strongly encourage each parent/guardian to read the information below and have a discussion with their student regarding the appropriate dress for school.

    I. General Guidelines

    ·    Appropriate dress will be required at all school sponsored events including school dances, competitions and activities.

    ·    Students may not wear items that promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, sex, nudity, or which allude to topics inappropriate for school or considered to be offensive to others.

    ·    Religious medallions, medals or beads are acceptable if they do not extend below the belt but may be prohibited in certain classes by teachers as a safety precaution.

    ·    No dress indicating gang affiliation will be tolerated.

    ·    Chains and spikes are not permitted.

    ·    Any personal item including clothing, hair, jewelry or accessories that are deemed as a safety hazard or a hindrance / distraction to the educational process, to the school or the classroom will not be permitted.

    ·    The middle school dress code applies to all students.


    II. Footwear

    ·     According to Arizona law, footwear must be worn at all times.

    III. Pants/Skirts/Shorts

    ·    Pants/skirts/shorts are to be worn at the waistline.  No sagging will be permitted.

    ·    Large holes in clothes will not be permitted.

    ·    Shorts, skirts, cut-offs, or slits that go above the mid-thigh range are inappropriate at school.

    ·    Undergarments that are visible are inappropriate.

    ·   Form-fitting pants must be covered by another shirt/skirt that is finger-tip length or longer.


    IV. Shirts:

    ·     Must cover torso and have an appropriate neckline and fitted armholes. Straps must be at least three inches wide. Exceptions may be made for formal and semiformal events.

    ·     Must have an appropriate length (must cover all skin between shirt and pants/skirts/shorts) Visible undergarments are inappropriate.


    V.  Head Coverage:

    ·    Hats, stocking caps, and bandanas are not to be worn during the regular school day.