• About MIT-e

    Middle School Institute of Technology and Engineering


    Course Overview

    MIT-e is designed to prepare students with 21st Century Skills, establish a knowledge base essential for additional STEM courses as well as create an interest and enthusiasm for STEM topics and careers. It is intended that students will become digital citizens and confidently participate in our global community while exploring and engaging in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This course serves as one of the three technology and engineering courses necessary to graduate from MIT-e. Students are expected to be prepared to learn, accept responsibility for their learning, and remain engaged in learning. Content emphasized in this class is integrated within the STEM fields.


    Vision Statement


    MIT-e Technology & Engineering assists students in gaining content knowledge and 21st Century Skills while enhancing academic literacy.

    MIT-e Technology & Engineering will improve students’ understanding of STEM to help ensure their academic success and educational competitiveness in our global economy.


    6th Grade

    The 6th grade MIT-e Honors Science class is focused on an introduction and eventual mastery of the scientific method using hands-on projects. During their 6th grade year, MIT-e students will learn both 6th and some 7th grade Arizona State Science Standards. 

    In 6th grade MIT-e Engineering, students will design projects that "build" off the content learned in science. This includes popsicle bridges, bottle rockets and marble roller coasters. 

    7th Grade

    The 7th grade MIT-e Honors Science class is designed to focus on concepts in physical science and life science. First semester we will focus on chemical interactions with matter and energy and the physics of motion and forces. Second semester will consist of studies in cells/heredity and ecology, along with a final unit on space science.  Throughout the year students will continue to improve their understanding and skills related to scientific inquiry and analysis of data. During their 7th grade year MIT-e students will learn both 7th and 8th grade Arizona State Science Standards. 

    In 7th grade MIT-e Engineering, students will create engineering design projects that coincide with what they are learning in science.  This further enhances the project-based learning and inquiry portion of the MIT-e curriculum. 



    8th Grade 

    Biology is a laboratory-based class in which students will be studying the structure and function of living systems in four separate, but related units: Cells & Organisms, Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems. This information will help make them an informed citizen in an increasingly scientific world. Students can earn high school credit in this course. 

    Advanced Engineering is designed to encourage a logical approach to everyday problems.  Students will be asked to test solutions to environmental disasters, build bridges and towers to fit certain criteria, and plan and construct an entire city with innovative solutions to everyday problems (Future City). The skills they’ll learn in this class are not limited to the engineering world. They’ll become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and valuable team mates.