JROTC Overview

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    The JROTC Program mission philosophy is “To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens” and is open to all students at Coconino. The JROTC Program is a service to our nation that provides students the motivation and skills to graduate from high school and become successful citizens. We work to instill in students the values of citizenship, service to our community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. There is absolutely no military service obligation for participation in the JROTC Program. JROTC classes may be taken for up to 4 years and students will receive either General Elective and/or P.E./Health credit for their participation. Uniform wear is required once each week (uniforms and equipment are issued at no cost to the student) and Physical Education activities are integral to the program. JROTC students voluntarily participate in activities that are unique to the program and include adventure training, community service, and JROTC extracurricular teams (Color Guard, Drill Team, Marksmanship Team, Cyber Team, and Raider Team). For more information about the JROTC Program at Coconino, feel free to call an Instructor at (928) 773-8225, or stop by Room 400.

    JROTC SY 23-24 Course Syllabus is posted on Canvas


    Panther Battalion SY 23-24

    Name: Colonel (Ret.) Donald W. Morris
    Title: Senior Army Instructor
    Email Address:  See Course Syllabus
    Phone number: (928) 773-8200, Ext 6468

    Name: Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) Keith Howard

    Title: JROTC Instructor
    Email Address:  See Course Syllabus 
    Phone number: (928) 773-8225


    -Note: If there is a delayed schedule on Wednesdays, uniforms are not required.