Coconino Institute of Technology

  • Coconino Institute of Technology began its exciting engineering-based program in Fall 2001.

  • Integrated studies in science, technology, and engineering.

    Mission Statement:

    CIT is a school within a school that serves students who are academically focused and intellectually gifted. CIT provides a unique science and engineering curriculum and social support within the larger high school environment.

    CIT provides students the opportunity to:

    • Complete sciences that are required for college admission in 2 years (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry).*
    • Experience science in action through engineering and technology projects.
    • Enjoy high school in a socially supportive cohort for high school.
    • Enroll in Honors, Advanced Placement, and elective classes with the general student body.
    • Compete in sports and participate in other extracurricular activities.
    • Complete real-world fieldwork experience in science and engineering.
    • Complete an in-depth capstone project on a science or engineering topic of their choice.

    *Students who did not complete the MIT-e program at Sinagua Middle School will need to take biology freshman or sophomore year.


    Application Process for FUSD Students

    Application Process for Students outside FUSD

Coconino Institute of Technology (CIT)
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