IB Homework Expectations and Responsibilities

  • School Responsibilities:

    • Ensure collaboration and awareness on teachers’ part of student workloads in the DP including course homework, CAS, and the EE (create a collaborative calendar for teacher use)
    • Provide opportunities for students to learn time management and organization regarding homework and study
    • Ensure that teachers are trained in the common expectations of homework in the DP
    • Provide opportunities for parent, student, and teacher feedback on homework practices

    Teacher Responsibilities:

    • Regularly maintain a shared, planned calendar of student homework (including the Internal Assessment, CAS, and EE deadlines) to balance student workload, The purpose of this is to ensure students are not overloaded
    • Reinforce habits of time management and organization by explicitly teaching students how to become and stay organized in homework
    • Collaborate with students to assign relevant and meaningful homework
    • Provide meaningful, criterion-referenced feedback to students and parents about homework

    Student Responsibilities:

    • Plan and organize their time to ensure their ability to meet homework expectations
    • Communicate with their teachers and/or the Diploma Programme Coordinator when there are challenges and issues with completing homework or managing time
    • Collaborate with teachers and peers to shape homework expectations
    • Employ effective time management skills to meet deadlines
    • Work in teams to encourage peers and reinforce accountability in their efforts

    Rev. 1/14/2020

CHS IB Policies and Practices

  • Coconino High School, as an IB World School, is required to have in place five policies that guide the programme's implementation and development. For information about each policy please visit their respective pages: