CHS IB Academic Integrity Expectations

  • Introduction

    Students enrolled at Coconino High School are expected to embody the Panther values of Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity in everything they do. Academic integrity is an integral part of a student’s education at Coconino High School because we value the thoughts, words, and creations of others as their own intellectual property. As such, it is expected that students behave in an ethical manner, exhibit strong moral character, and be principled in creating authentic work!

    FUSD Academic Misconduct/Dishonesty: Academic misconduct/dishonesty can include, but is not limited to, the following definitions detailed below. Students are responsible for knowing the rules governing the use of another's work and for acknowledging and documenting the source appropriately. In addition to disciplinary action, students may face academic sanctions.

    Definitions of Common Forms of Academic Dishonesty*

    Cheating - Cheating is defined as using any source material on an exam or assignment that has not been authorized or provided by the instructor.

    Collusion - Collusion is defined as supporting academic misconduct by another student, for example allowing one’s work to be copied or submitted for assessment by another.**

    Misrepresentation - Misrepresentation is the act of presenting another’s work as your own original thought, idea, or creation.

    Plagiarism - Plagiarism is defined as the representation, intentionally or unwittingly, of the ideas, words or work of another person without proper, clear and explicit acknowledgment. The use of translated materials, unless indicated and acknowledged, is also considered plagiarism.**

    Academic Misconduct - Academic Misconduct is the act of disruption during an assessment, including talking, etc.

    In IB: Misconduct during an IB examination includes taking unauthorized material into an examination room, disruptive behavior and communicating with others during the examination.**

    Duplicate Submission - Duplicate Submission is defined as submitting the same work for more than one assignment (Plagiarizing yourself).

    In IB: Duplication of work is defined as the presentation of the same work for different assessment components and/or Diploma Programme requirements.**

    *This is not an all-inclusive list of types of academic dishonesty and teachers may provide you with clarifying expectations for their specific class.

    **These terms are as defined in the brochure “Academic Honesty in the Diploma Programme”1


    Teachers will

    • Make course-specific expectations known in their syllabus
    • Teach and review academic integrity expectations within their course
    • Teach and review academic citation styles appropriate to their discipline
    • Provide necessary supports to students

    Students will

    • Show integrity in accordance with the policies
    • Encourage peers in making good choices

    Parents will

    • Review the academic integrity expectations with their student to ensure understanding
    • Support the efforts of teachers and staff at Coconino High School in enforcing academic integrity expectations

    Counselors will

    • Reinforce expectations with students as necessary

    Administrators will

    • Ensure that all groups receive training in academic integrity expectations and the procedures to follow


    Students are responsible for knowing the rules governing the use of another's work and for acknowledging and documenting the source appropriately. In addition to disciplinary action, students may face academic sanctions. 

    • First offense
      • The teacher will reteach the expectation of academic integrity and what that should look like in their class.
      • Teachers should contact parents at this time and a minor infraction form completed.
      • Students should be expected to redo the assignment in the same or different format.
    • Second offense and beyond
      • The teacher will refer the student to CHS administration and they will follow the current FUSD discipline matrix.

    1. “Academic Honesty in the Diploma Programme”. International Baccalaureate Organisation.

CHS IB Policies and Practices

  • Coconino High School, as an IB World School, is required to have in place five policies that guide the programme's implementation and development. For information about each policy please visit their respective pages: