Dual Enrollment Courses at Coconino High School

  • These courses are taught at Coconino High School by CHS teachers in partnership with Coconino Community College. Students may possibly earn community college credit by successfully completing these courses with a grade of C or better. For more information about Dual Enrollment courses at CHS, contact either your counselor or the CAVIAT Counselor, Mrs. Donna Lyons.

    In Dual Enrollment classes you will:

    • Earn college credit at a fraction of the price ($45 per class vs. $300-$1000)
    • Work with highly-qualified teachers, all of whom have Master's degrees
    • Practice and master various critical/analytical thinking skills necessary for all professions
    • Communicate efficiently (writing and speaking)
    • Confidently present findings
    • Learn how to research and become a master on a topic
    • Debate controversial topics
    • Listen to and respectfully respond to different perspectives on controversial topics
    • Read and analyze college-level texts
    • Learn and apply college-level skills
    • Possibly earn money (a student submitted a DE 11 essay for a scholarship that won $5000!).
    • Have the opportunity to publish your essays
    • With enough credits, earn an Associate's Degree by the time you graduate high school
    • Persuade various types of audiences
    • Identify and persuasively employ logical fallacies
    • Learn how to close-read and to thoroughly analyze texts
    • Master rhetorical devices and strategies
    • And the list goes on!

Earning CCC Credit